Please Leave the Biblical Interpretation to People who Actually Believe the Bible

Instapundit apparently thinks that this is clever. It’s not.

It’s a parody site, called “God Hates Shrimp”, and the point is, if we’re against gay marriage, we ought to be against shrimp too. There’s an “About” link that explains their position, and engages in some seriously sad Biblical exegesis.

When confronted with the different nature of the Old Testament’s statements about prohibitions, some of which are ceremonial in nature and some of which are moral in nature, their response is “so what?”

Oh, right. I’d forgotten about that. Good point.

And when confronted with Paul’s statements about homosexuality their first point is “Paul’s not God.”

Again, a stinging rebuttal.

They trot out this old canard about loving, committed homosexual relationships were virtually unknown in that day, to which I’d respond, they are virtually unknown in our day too. And Paul’s statements regarding homosexuality do not specifically address one who practices homosexuality promiscuously, but simply one who practices it at all. To say that he was referring to promiscuity is an attempt to read his mind, to determine what he must have meant, instead of what he actually said. He talks about promiscuity plenty, but in Romans 1:26-27, he’s making the emphatic case for what happens to people when they reject the knowledge of God, and homosexuality is apparently his worst-case scenario for moral degradation as the result of abandoning the truth of God.

The centrality of male-female monogamous relationships in society is not “cherry-picking” one or two verses here and there. It is the uniform witness of Scripture. If you don’t believe the Bible (which Instapundit doesn’t, and which I would think it’s clear the “God Hates Shrimp” proprietors don’t either), then just say that. But you can’t accuse us of hypocrisy simply because we don’t share your unbelief.

3 thoughts on “Please Leave the Biblical Interpretation to People who Actually Believe the Bible

  1. I suppose that a loving and kind relationship with another man’s wife, his daughter, his son, his pig, his dog, or his great grandmother would be ok, too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He talks about promiscuity plenty, but in Romans 1:26-27…

    The point of Romans 1 is going to be entirely lost on anyone who doesn’t bother to read Romans 2.

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