Different kinds of sneezes

Katie was helping Andrea put away the groceries tonight. She was carrying in a box of crackers, which I was explaining were fancy crackers. She said some were for her and some were for me. Then she sneezed. She’s not great about covering her mouth under the best of circumstances, but with her hands full, the cracker box bore the full brunt of the sneeze.

I said, Oh, now they’re sneezed on.

She said, It’s OK, it’s just a little sneeze water.

I said, Oh, good, that’s a relief.

She sneezed again. (Her old man’s a double sneezer too.) But apparently she sensed a difference this time.

That was a booger sneeze, she said.

Remember people, she’s only three and a half. Don’t condemn her. If you have to condemn someone, condemn me. But a kid needs encouragement at that age.

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