We are now webcasting some of the Bible studies here at Providence. It’s through SermonAudio.com, and the first one will be tonight at 7:15.

To view the webcast, go to www.sermonaudio.com. There is a “Live Webcast” button at the top- click it, and scroll down until you see “Providence Reformed Church”. Click the button to the right that says “view media” or whatever. Then you pick one of their servers (whichever one is green) and then if you want video and audio, or just audio. If you have just a dial-up connection, you probably just want audio. Otherwise pick both.

That should be it. Windows Media Player should launch and you should see the webcast.

If you like, you can either email me questions, or you can log into MSN Messenger and add me as a contact (mattpowell74@hotmail.com). Then send me a note, and I’ll open a conversation with all the remote people so you can ask questions by IM.

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