Peanut Butter Sandwiches

One of the things I am going to remember about my life during this period is driving around in my car to different places eating peanut butter sandwiches. I have eaten a whole lot more peanut butter sandwiches than I ever thought I would as an adult. It’s a good thing I love them so.

Another thing I’m going to remember is what happened this morning. As we were getting ready to go to the first service of the morning, I noticed that Andrea was looking pretty casually dressed. Really casual. I was pretty uncomfortable with how she was dressed actually, but I didn’t say anything. I know less than most people about women, but one thing I know is not to criticize how they’re dressed. Better men than I have been sunk on that particular rock. So anyway, we went to church, pulled into the parking lot, and as Andrea was getting out she said, “Honey! I forgot to get dressed! Why didn’t you say anything?” So I got out and she took the car back home and changed. She was in fact wearing the t-shirt she slept in, and some jeans. I was greatly relieved to find out that she still had a relatively high view of church, and a little concerned that she is apparently losing her mind. Kids will do that to you, though, I’m told.

4 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Sandwiches

  1. Thank you, Matt. That made me laugh. No, really, it made me laugh deep in my stomach. It hurts. I’m still laughing and trying to type at the same time. That’s classic. Poor Andrea. We can relate. Of course, I’m one of those stupid, mindless husbands who would actually say something like, “So, are we attending the “All White Trash Saints Church this morning, hun?” Although I would reap what I sowed in an abundance of womanly scorn, I just wouldn’t have the self control to resist such an opportunity.


  2. I can’t imagine why the mother of Katie and Titus would forget to get dressed!

    It also affirms to me my deep down impression of Andrea as one who is down to earth and not fixated on spending hours before the mirror until every hair is right and every thread perfect.

    She probably spent all morening taking care of her husband and minding her kids.

    Wonderful! [But I’m glad she went home and changed!]

  3. Very amusing, Matt. Thank you for relating it. I also appreciate the thought given to the importance of how we present ourselves when gathered to worship our King. I often wonder if people (myself included) would dress the way they dress at church were they meeting the President of the United States (of course there was those girls with the flip flops).

    I’ve tried to impress upon my children the gravity of the event—it’s not a casual affair, so we should dress accordingly. (I think of Moses taking off his shoes because the ground upon which he was standing was holy.) A matter of conscience, though, to be sure. But, perhaps we would all do better to give a little more thought to our dress when entering the house of the Lord.

    May the Lord keep you.

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