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  1. Greetings Matt,

    I certainly have much sympathy with the online petition. To that end, although I do not want this to be a point of contention, I would encourage you and others to read the Iraqi constitution itself. The Iraqi constitution is socialistic if not outright communistic:


    Article 16: “Equal opportunities are guaranteed for all Iraqis. The state guarantees the taking of the necessary measures to achieve such equal opportunities.”

    Article 22: “Work is a right for all Iraqis so as to guarantee them a decent living.”

    Article (27): 1st — Public property is sacrosanct, and its
    protection is the duty of every citizen.

    Article 29 “B. The State guarantees the protection of motherhood, childhood and old age and shall care for children and youth and provides them with the appropriate conditions to further their talents and abilities.”

    Article 30: “First: The state guarantee [sic] to the individual and the family–especially children and women–social and health security and the basic requirements for leading a free and dignified life. The state also ensures the above a suitable income and appropriate housing.”

    Article 43: “2nd — Free education is a right for Iraqis in all its stages.”

  2. Polymathis,
    Thanks for the comment. While I’m not very familiar with the Iraqi constitution, I do remember a lot of discomfort with it when it was first put out. There are a great many things about the whole process that give me a great deal of discomfort. But what would be even worse, in my opinion, is to allow ourselves to be driven out of Iraq by terrorists when the only think keeping us from destroying them is our own lack of will.

    And I wouldn’t worry too much about the constitution. Few places pay as much attention to their constitution as we do, and few constitutions last for two hundred years.

  3. Matt,

    I would just point out two things, first the resolution does not call for a pull out of Iraq.

    Secondly, niether the President nor the Congress has the gumption to do what needs to be done. I have yet to hear any Republican call for the black flag.

    Keep on writing.

  4. Matt,

    Point taken on both counts: the will to fight terrorists and the history of constitutions.

    Stay warm as the storms are coming again. Meanwhile, I will be on vacation in Munich!

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