Personality Test

Take my one-question personality test!

Are you the kind of person who, when cooking a frozen pizza, sets the timer because:

1. If you don’t, you will obsessively check the clock until it’s done, thus not accomplishing anything for the next seventeen minutes.


2. If you don’t, you will forget about the pizza and burn your house down.

This question tells you everything you need to know about someone.

I need Andrea to come home. For lots of reasons, but not least because last Monday I cooked a frozen pizza, and didn’t turn the oven off until Wednesday night.

9 thoughts on “Personality Test

  1. I HATE it when you leave the oven on. So the pizza was in there for all that time?
    I’m glad you need me for something, even if it is just to keep you from ruining, burning, or losing all your possessions.

  2. Oh, I actually remembered the pizza. It was yummy. Just forgot the oven.

    And don’t worry, I need you for a lot more than that. There’s all that laundry… 🙂

  3. Would you like a dated obituary of deceased coffee pots, skillets, and assorted other pans from my house?

    They were all tried in the fire and found wanting.

    I have also found that the stove element itself will melt in time.

    I didn’t think you would.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just a note for clarification…All the pots and pans that were tried in the fire in our house were tested by somebody trying to be a helpful husband. Still…you can’t have everything! Penny

  5. Jerry Townsend says:

    I just leave my oven on all the time, it eliminates that 10 minute warm-up time before I can cook something. My house hasn’t burned down yet, and the power company sends me birthday and christmas cards.

    BTW, I think your blog is great. A good mixture of serious topics and light humor.

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