Recall Ken Salazar

Does anyone know if there is any group working on this? I really think we should recall him. It should be a pretty easy sell in this state.

The Colorado statute says that it takes a number of signatures equal to 25% of the votes cast for the official in the last election. Salazar had a shade over a million votes in 2006, so we could recall him with 250,000 signatures.

This immigration bill is an absolute travesty, and the contempt shown for the people’s will in this process is breathtaking. 80% or so of the country doesn’t want this bill, yet the Senate is intent to ram it down our throats. Allard has been stalwart on the issue, but Salazar is one of the main sponsors of the bill. Let’s throw him out.

3 thoughts on “Recall Ken Salazar

  1. Matt,

    I agree, although I tend to think that it is a good lesson for the electorate to see so called moderates show their true colors. Then again, I am not sure the electorate is really savvy enough to get it. This is the fundamental problem with modern democracy. Empty propaganda is the name of the game. Take the recent Democratic presidential rally as case in point. They uttered some of the most shamefully racist things I have ever heard. The basic message was “Lookie here boy, ya’ll need the white massas to raise yo stupid chillins and edjumacate ya’ll to live rightlike.” Yet the black community members in attendance clapped and cheered like hypnotized drones.

    Of course, we should remember that the primary proponent of the bill is George W. Bush. I am beginning to think that he will be remembered as one of the worst, most ineffective, most nearsighted, and completely impotent presidents in the history of our nation. If nothing else, if things continue as they are, he will be the downfall of the Republican Party.

    Enough of my ranting.


  2. LOL, yes, I hear you. What always baffles me is after all of the rhetoric and shameless media pandering, the solutions to our problems are not all that difficult. They would take a tremendous amount of resolve to implement, granted, but we could do it. Can we close the borders? Yes. Can we establish an equitable and responsible trading system to allow our native industries to compete? Yes. Can we mine our own oil? Yes. Can we develop alternative sources of fuel? Yes. Can we reform our social order and criminal justice systems? Yes. We are the nation that turned a rough wilderness into the most prosperous and economically progressive nation the world has ever seen. We are the nation that made the concept of “liberty and justice for all” a political presupposition. We are the nation that sent men to the moon twenty years before the invention of a 64 bit PC. We invented the telephone and discovered electricity and atomic energy. We conceived the possibility of flight. We made the automobile a common item. In short, the modern world is built on our ingenuity. Where our forefathers saw vast opportunity, we see only defeat. Like whining, spoiled children of greater men, we surrender before the battle even begins. We have traded the inheritance of our “can do” attitude for crappy beer and mind-numbing entertainment. May the Lord have mercy on us, and may our forefathers forgive us.

    A few years ago, I walked through the remnants of Valley Forge. It was a truly spiritual experience. I observed the wooden beds, stacked three high on two sides in oppressively tiny quarters. I pondered the horrid, squalid conditions men of my bloodline endured. I marvelled that they rose from the frost biting snows of Eastern Pennsylvania not to defeat but to spank the British regulars and German mercenaries all the way back to London. The suffering of the Valley only made them stronger and more resolved. They walked through the valley of the shadow of death only to climb the mountain of life with shouts of victory. That is the America of yesteryear. That is the America that shocked the world. That is the America that caused our forefathers to sacrifice friend, family, land, and all they knew to cross the seas for a better life. That is the America upon which our forefathers built a truly great society.

    Again, enough of my ranting. I only ask that someone, someone would give us a vision…not a new vision, but one nurtured and fertilized by the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors. But, alas, they will not.


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