I’ve been an AVG user for a long time, but have had increasing problems with it, and have recently switched to Avast for my antivirus protection. So far, I really like it. It seems like all of these products are good for a while and then stop being good. I don’t know if they just get taken over by the marketing departments or if they just become bloatware over time. I’ve also wondered if AV products in particular become less effective as they get more popular and virus writers therefore tailor their product to avoid the most popular AV packages. Whatever the reason is- Norton, McAfee, AVG- all of them seem like they start out good but after a while aren’t so much.

Anyway, Avast so far is a nice clean product without a lot of superfluous features. I haven’t analyzed it very closely, but it seems to have a pretty thin memory footprint, which I like. And I’m clean of viruses- but then I was before too.

Also, I’d recommend Malwarebytes as a secondary line of defense.

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