How I Left HP

The last post made me remember something funny about my time at HP. I had been invited to come out to Limon and work as an intern at the church here. I had one year left to go at New Geneva before I had my M. Div. I told the guys at the church here that I was going to stay there at HP for another year and save up money while I finished my degree before going into the ministry. But that next quarter due to some poor decisions that I and others made at HP, I had a very bad quarter financially. So I decided that God was probably telling me it was time to move on, and I told the men at the Limon church that I was ready to take the call.

Later I found out that one of the men in the church here had prayed that I would fail at HP so that I would come out to Limon. I am not sure what exactly to make of all that, even today. But I am not at all sorry I came out to Limon.

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