Sermons on Hebrews- Book project

I am planning on making my sermon series on the book of Hebrews available as a book. I am going to do this, Lord willing, in serial format, publishing a few sermons at a time in Kindle format. This allows me to keep forward momentum on the project instead of having to do it all in one big chunk. Each sermon takes a fair amount of work editing and formatting, so this allows me to do this project a little bit at a time, and to gauge interest.

My plan right now is to publish two sermons at a time for the Kindle, for 99 cents. When all of the sermons are done (about 60), I will publish them all together, hopefully in both Kindle and hard copy formats. There will probably be two volumes of sermons in hard copy. The first two are available now, from Amazon.

If you’re interested in this project but would like to see the sermons published in some different format than Kindle, please let me know.

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