The Unrepentant Appeal to God’s Sovereignty

People living in unrepentant sin are often strangely quick to appeal to God’s sovereignty. They wrongly seem to think that this somehow absolves them of guilt. The phenomenon of people suffering the consequences of their own sins then saying something like, “Well, it’s all in God’s hands” while making no effort at all to change their ways is a strange one to witness, but is very common.

So now not only are they flouting the righteous rule of God, but also blaming God for their rebellion. But the great and awful power of God ought to be no comfort to the one living in open rebellion against that God.

God’s great power and sovereignty over all things in creation is used everywhere in Scripture to advance the idea that therefore we ought to repent of our sin and follow Him with our lives. This truth ought to encourage that response in us as well, and never a complacency over sin.

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