Attracted to or Repelled by God

The faith of the believer is like two magnets that stick to each other. The magnet may be weak, but its natural state will be to be drawn to the other. Depending on the strength of the magnet, it may perhaps be pushed off the other with force, but it will always return to its natural attraction. A heavy object may be pushed off the ground, but it can only be maintained by force; if you remove the force, the object will return to its position of rest on the ground. So the mind of the believer will always be fixed on God. We may be pushed away from God for a time, pressed by trials and difficulties, weighed down with sorrows, distracted or tempted by luxuries and lusts. But true faith will always return to its natural state, which is to be fixed on God. The Holy Spirit is the bond that ties the believer to God, and no distance can overcome the strength of that bond.

On the other hand, magnets which are turned so that the same polarizations are facing each other (plus to plus, minus to minus) repel each other. As a child I enjoyed pushing magnets against each other when aligned this way, and then when I let them go watching them jump off each other. So too may the reprobate be drawn to God temporarily. He may by force of emotions or events be pushed to think of God, terrified of death, desirous of some earthly advantage, tempted by the attraction of eternal bliss. But this is not his natural state. When the external force is removed, the unbeliever is pushed by his natural revulsion toward God back to his normal state, in alienation and enmity toward God, ruled by the darkness of his mind.

In sum, the unbeliever is naturally repelled by God, though he may by an outside force for a time be pushed toward Him. The believer is naturally fixed on God, though he may by an outside force for a time be pushed away.

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