Running after New Preachers

From John Newton, quoted by Joel Beeke in The Family at Church:

What I have observed of many, who run about unseasonably after new preachers, has reminded me of Proverbs 27:8, “As a bird that wandereth from her nest, so is the man that wandereth from his place.”  Such unsettled hearers seldom thrive:  they usually grow wise in their own conceits, have their heads filled with notions, acquire a dry, critical, and censorious spirit; and are more intent upon disputing who is the best preacher, than upon obtaining benefit to themselves from what they hear.  If you could find a man, indeed, who had a power in himself of dispensing a blessing to your soul, you might follow him from place to place; but as the blessing is in the Lord’s hands, you will be more likely to receive it by waiting where His providence has placed you, and where He has met with you before.

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