Almost ten years ago I started this blog to mark the occasion of my moving to Limon, CO for my first ministerial charge.  Actually I was an intern at the time but I ended up being their pastor for almost a decade. It was a great experience for me, one that had many challenges, many ups and downs, but ultimately blessed me and my family in many ways.  Starting a new church plant just highlights for me all the many blessings that I had in Limon, blessings we have chosen to leave behind.  We are very thankful for all God did for us and all God taught us there.

Now we are in Casper, WY, having taken the call to plant a church here.  There are lots of changes in our lives, and we are excited to look forward to all of the new developments God will bring.  We are still in a transitional phase, with lots of things to work out, not least of them a name for our new church.  It’s kind of a big scary thing, in a lot of ways, to plant a new church.  But I just keep reminding myself that it’s God’s work and not mine.  I don’t need to be clever enough, or innovative enough, or spiritual enough or caring enough.  I just need to do my best to be faithful to what God has called a pastor to do.  He will do the work.  He said to David, “Will you build me a house?  Behold, I will build you a house.”  I’m excited to see what house God will build for Himself, here in Casper.

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