Science requires Faith

More thoughts:

The scientist sacrifices a huge amount of time and effort and money to understand the world he lives in.  He fails, over and over and over and over again.  Why does he keep trying?  Why doesn’t he just go have a beer?  Life is short.  Why bother?

The atheist scientist has no reason to ever expect that his efforts will be rewarded.  There is no necessary reason at all why his quest should succeed.  Why should the universe be known?  Why should things make sense?  How can he justify his sacrifice?

The Christian scientist (or the scientist who has unwittingly assumed Christian principles) has every reason to continue.  He believes, because the Bible tells him, that the universe is orderly and knowable, and that God created man to know and understand the universe; to be in dominion over it.  Therefore he believes, despite all evidence to the contrary, that his efforts will be rewarded.  His years of failure are not wasted.  He presses on.

Science requires faith.

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