Bet on the Proven Winner

Two thousand years ago, when Christianity first came into the world, all the smartest, most educated, most powerful, richest and most admired men around believed it to be ridiculous nonsense, and said so loudly.  With long tradition, majority opinion and all the latest thinking behind them, they argued that men ought to worship the gods of the Roman pantheon as these had obviously led to the success of the Roman Empire, and that all the world believed in either the Roman gods or something very similar, and that this new religion was suitable only for the most ignorant and weakest in society, that it was a religion for slaves and women.

Now, two thousand years later, those arguing against Christianity are often the most educated, most powerful and most successful.  They have the wealth and prestige of the universities and governments of the world behind them.  Most of the most famous artists and musicians and scholars agree.  And they argue that Christianity is a religion for the ignorant and hateful, that it is absurd and cannot be taken seriously.  Yet their views of ethics and reality are far closer to Christianity than were those of Christianity’s opponents from two thousand years ago.  Christianity’s opponents have conceded much ground to Christianity, while Christianity continues as it always has.  Christianity has drastically altered the intellectual landscape of the world, and continues to do so.  People will continue to mock, but historically it has been the worldview of those who mock and ridicule Christianity which ends up on the dung-heap of history.

Christianity, this religion of women and slaves, is pretty much the same as it was two thousand years ago, and continues to cast down all opposition, continues to spread into all the world, not because of the prestige and status of those that champion it, but because it is true.  Jesus said that His kingdom would prevail and the gates of hell would not stand against it.  We have a two thousand year track record of victory, from 120 believers representing less than a millionth part of the world’s population to two billion believers representing a third of that population, to confirm the truth of what He said.  Remember that the next time some rich, famous or prestigious person calls Christianity ridiculous and predicts its imminent demise.

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