The Power of the Experts

The scientific community has been hijacked to push the agenda of unscrupulous men who wish to rule over you.  Remember this the next time the witness of “experts” contradicts what you know to be true, and especially what the word of God tells you to be true.  I am not a scientist.  But I have been alive long enough and have read enough to see prediction after prediction utterly fail, and immoral and destructive behavior defended by “science”, to extrapolate the trend.

From William M. Briggs:

Paul Ehrlich has been as wrong, wronger even, than Jim Hansen or Al Gore, yet no number of failed predictions has so much as put a crease in the man’s unwavering support of himself. And wasn’t he as a younger man convincing! The sheer authority in his voice, the utter believability! How many times did he say he was on The Tonight Show?

“Dr. Ehrlich was so sure of himself that he warned in 1970 that “sometime in the next 15 years, the end will come.” By “the end,” he meant “an utter breakdown of the capacity of the planet to support humanity.””

As far as I can tell, though I haven’t done a systematic count, not one of Ehrlich’s predictions has come true. Does it matter? Not to him, and not to the many, many grant- and award-awarding bodies who, to this very day, fete the man.

Now don’t make the same mistake this magazine did and call Ehrlich “insanely dangerous”. He is not. He is a harmless old man, who was wrong about, as far as I can tell, absolutely everything. It is a world class blunder to focus on Ehrlich and not on the political scum who “leveraged” Ehrlich’s preposterous predictions to push their anti-human agenda. It was the one-worlders who deserve all the discredit, not poor Ehrlich.

Forced sterilizations! They happened. Forced population “planning”. It happened. Not because Ehrlich said they must, and not even because this deluded and delusional man desired them, but because the powerful progressives who used Ehrlich as a front-man wanted them. They were content to let Ehrlich and others create panic and then to use that panic to their benefit. Headlines shouted “Science Says…!”, “Scientists Agree…!”, “Science Science Science!”

Sound familiar?

There’s been a fifty-year process of pushing anyone who disagrees with the agenda out of the academy.  So now, whenever anyone questions the dogma, a true believer can say, “But all the scientists, all the experts, say something else!”  Those who disagree will either be a small minority or hold positions outside the mainstream academy, and thus can be dismissed.  They were wrong about DDT, wrong about the coming ice age, wrong about overpopulation, wrong about peak oil, wrong about their social planning, wrong about so many things.

Stop listening to them.  At a certain point one must begin to suspect that truth isn’t really their concern.

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