Accusation of Judgmentalism as Admission of Guilt

When I hear someone say, “Don’t judge me!” and get angry because they think people are judging them, it seems what they are really saying is, “I know I’m doing wrong, I just don’t want to be reminded of it.”

After all, when a Muslim tells me it’s wrong to eat pork or a Mormon says I shouldn’t drink caffeine, I just smile and say, “I don’t agree with your principles.”  Those are their principles.  They don’t bother me.  If an exclusive Psalmodist says I shouldn’t sing anything but the Psalms in worship, I don’t accuse them of being judgmental, I just think they’re wrong.  But that’s not the reaction of someone who is accused of sexual immorality or laziness or something like that.  They say, “Don’t judge me!”  I take that as an admission that they are doing wrong, but just don’t want any attention called to the fact.

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