Modern Christian Heresy

One good indication of just how influential Christianity has been on the world is in how many of the competing ideologies are just distortions of truths that Christianity first introduced.  Christianity taught first the equality and dignity of women.  Modern feminism distorts it by overthrowing any distinction between men and women and rejecting all gender roles.  Christianity teaches the equal worth of people regardless of class or wealth, and a duty to help the poor.  Marxism distorts that by saying that all property is theft and rejecting any right to private property, and that the state will equalize all wealth.  Christianity teaches that we are stewards of the earth and should care for it; modern environmentalism distorts it by teaching that we should aim for as little impact on the earth as possible, that all development of the earth is at best a necessary evil.

If hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue, heresy is the tribute that lies pay to truth.

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