The Problem with Contemporary Worship

Here is a solid and perceptive article on why contemporary worship music will likely decline, and why this is a good thing.  I suppose in part I link to this in order to justify what our church does, but indeed it is a good and healthy thing to advocate for why we do a thing, beyond mere tradition.

We cannot evade or avoid the “holy catholic church” of the Apostles’ Creed forever. Even people who are untrained theologically have some intuitive sense that a local contemporary church is part of a global and many-generational (indeed eschatological and endless) assembly of followers of Christ; cutting ourselves off from that broader catholic body may appear cool for a while, but we ultimately wish to commune with the rest of the global/catholic church. Indeed, for many mature Christians, this wish grows as we age; we become aware that this particular moment, and our own personal life therein, will pass away soon, and what is timeless will nonetheless continue.


Yes, exactly.  This is just one selection of a great deal of insight into modern worship practices.

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