Did a Muslim kid get arrested because he brought his clock to school?

Funny, how the same thing keeps happening.  Some story comes out that confirms people’s already-held beliefs about something, and then over time the story turns out to be something other than what people at first thought.  In the day of Facebook and Twitter, and I know it’s facile to say this, but the whole process is just amplified by about a million.  Maybe at some point we’ll learn to slow down and find out what actually happened before we all shout about how this latest incident confirms all our previously held beliefs.

The kid who got arrested for making a clock because he looks Muslim?  So what actually happened, it seems, is that the kid took apart a digital clock, repacked it in a non-descript box, and then took it to school, where the beeper went off in the middle of a class.  He didn’t make a clock at all.  He didn’t get arrested for making a bomb.  He got arrested for making a hoax bomb.

But he got an invitation to the White House out of it, so, way to go, kid!

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