Culture Matters, Again

With the reports coming out of Germany of mass coordinated assaults by Middle Eastern and North African men against German women, I once again am reminded of the importance of culture. And culture flows above all from religion. Europe’s culture is informed by hundreds and hundreds of years of Christianity, which teaches, among many other things, the equal value of women. Islam teaches no such thing, especially regarding non-Muslim women. I again urge the nation to rethink the wisdom of bringing large numbers of people with a fundamentally different culture into our country.

Yes we have law and law enforcement. But law enforcement can only ever be effective against a very small minority. When sizable minorities or majorities no longer accept the premises on which the law is based, enforcement becomes impossible. How compassionate has the influx of immigrants been on the weakest and most defenseless citizens of Germany been? Or Sweden? Or England? The state has the fundamental duty of protecting its citizens, not compassion toward people outside its borders.

Europe is now going to be facing the almost impossible choice of watching their security disappear and accepting attacks like this as their new normal, or (more probably), a long, slow-rolling civil war. When you import large numbers of people with a fundamentally incompatible culture, that is always the result. Let’s not make the same mistake.

And perhaps even more importantly, I thank God for the coming of Jesus Christ into the world which has done so much to improve the lot of mankind, even outside salvation. I pray that more would recognize the truth that human rights and the fundamental dignity of every human being is an idea produced by Christian civilization and no other, and therefore everyone should bend the knee to the savior Jesus Christ.

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