The Costs of Socialism

Michael Walsh, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, p. 187:

What will it take to disabuse the rest of America?  We have a partial answer before us– and in recent history.  As it happens, I spent much of the period between February 1985 and the summer of 1991 behind the Iron Curtain, in what was then the Soviet Uniion and the Warsaw Pact nations.  From the time I arrived, it was evident to me that the socialist system could not last.  Its “internal contradictions” were not merely theoretical, like the West’s, but visible and grotesque.  Its “liberated” women had been reduced to little more than prostitutes, sexually available for the price of dinner or a new dress.  In the Soviet Union, if you were a man in need of female companionship, it came to you:  All you had to do was wait for a woman in an elevator to offer to visit you in your room or, even easier, wait for the chambermaids to knock on your door, with delicacies boosted from the kitchen and themselves as the sweeteners.  The Old Soviet Union was Reich’s sexually liberated paradise come to life, and all the scars on the women’s bodies from multiple abortions spoke of its mutilations and death toll.

So too in Cuba, in China, in Venezuela.  Destroy the economy, and it’s always the women and children who will suffer the most.

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