Most Marriages are Salvageable


The good news is, most marriages are salvageable.  This is when you are talking about believers, of course.  When it is unbelievers, then things get harder.  But if we’re talking about believers, then the power of the gospel is sufficient, more than sufficient, to save even the most difficult of marriages with the most intractable, dug-in problems.  And in fact, marriage is a wonderful opportunity for this to occur, because marriage is an environment that makes it hard to accommodate your own selfishness.  It forces you to face it.

The bad news is, we’re all sinners.  That’s why the first point is such good news.  But for the good news to be the good news, the bad news has to be understood well.  We have to face squarely the way our own sin distorts the way we look at marriage problems, in our own personal life and as church leaders.

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