Board games

I got a new board game a couple days ago- Stone Age.  I’ve played it twice with the kids and it’s great.  It’s a resource management and worker placement game, and I really enjoy it.

I love playing games with the kids.  I think it’s really valuable.  There’s all sorts of things to learn and benefit from in a good game.  In Stone Age, you have to roll dice and divide by different numbers depending on what resource you’re collecting.  So it works math skills, strategic thinking and planning ahead.  But besides that, most games I play with the kids give opportunities for lots of character building.  How to win and lose gracefully, how to follow rules, how to control temper and pride- I think these are all really valuable lessons.  I can observe my kids and see areas of their character where they need some growth.  And we just get to spend time together and have fun as a family.