The fragility of life

Pop over at Basket of Figs has a post on the fragility of life, and how it’s not quite as fragile as many would have us believe.

Yep, it’s a wonder any of us is alive. Some of us aren’t. I remember a boy I went to school with who burned himself up about 50 years ago while stealing gasoline from a farm vehicle. Another boy drank himself to death. They didn’t listen to their mothers or fathers, but that generation seemed to surrender without a struggle to the Nanny State, buying into the propaganda that bureaucrats know what is best. They hated their mothers and fathers and surrendered liberty without a peep to governments. After all, they were an enlightened bunch who were assured that they were the first to walk the earth who knew what was wrong with the world and that they would fix it up to be safe for everyone, especially for those who didn’t seem to care much about the Ten Commandments.

Read the whole thing.

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