Good news (or bad news, if you’re the AP)

This is interesting.

A shift in tactics indeed- but it proves the weakness of the terrorists. If they are unable to go after hard targets and start bombing civilians, well, I’m very sorry for the civilians, but it proves that we’re winning. They’re losing firepower and manpower and money, so they have to go after easier targets. It seems like that’s the only way to read this.

This will turn the Iraqi people more and more against Islamofascism, and more and more in favor of the Americans who are protecting them. That will make it harder for the insurgents to operate, who have to depend on locals to hide and support them.

You can look at how Israel has turned over the last three years from being willing to give up almost anything for peace with the Palestinians, to being highly supportive of more and more aggressive tactics to contain and destroy the terrorists who were bombing them, as a model for what’s going to happen now with the Iraqis, to the extent it hasn’t happened already.

But naturally, the media that is committed to our failure will highlight the human sufferring that this causes. And it is, in fact, very sad, but they were sufferring far more before we got there.

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