Emerging problems

Rusty comments here on some signs that the Emergent church is about more than an aesthetic change, but a theology change. He’s right, of course. Aesthetic changes never happen in a vacuum, I don’t think. If I came to work in a business suit every day for 20 years, and one day showed up in a hawaiian shirt and cutoffs, you’d suspect I may have had a change in my outlook on life that went a little deeper than my wardrobe. But if you actively denigrate systems of theology, you can at best expect that some will use that to sneak some heresy in the backdoor, and at worst, the choice to denigrate systems is itself heresy. These guys believe very passionately in the importance of the medium used to communicate, so we shouldn’t be surprised that there’s something very substantial underlying their desires to change that medium.

And don’t worry, Rusty. They don’t like me too much anymore either.

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