The Southern Baptists continue to take a stand

The Southern Baptist Convention has decided to pull out of the Baptist World Alliance, because of the BWA’s “left-leaning stance.” Good for them for taking a stand.

I heard an interview yesterday on NPR, with Rev. Paige Patterson, the president of South Western Baptist Theological Seminary, about the decision. He said the decision was due to the BWA’s positions on gay marriage, inerrancy and female pastors.

Melissa Block’s hostility was almost palpable, even suggesting to Rev. Patterson that the SBC would be better off with a more ‘big tent’ approach. What exactly Ms. Block knows about what would or would not help the SBC be stronger is not entirely clear. It would be like Pat Robertson suggesting ways that Planned Parenthood could improve its mission statement. But Rev. Patterson gave an excellent answer, saying that the big tent approach was precisely the problem, and that Jesus warned against that kind of approach with His wide way / narrow way analogy. He said their responsibility was simply to be true to their convictions, and to be true to Scripture.

We could use more like Rev. Patterson and the SBC. And some might suggest to Ms. Block a more professional approach to her field.

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