Demergent Churches

This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Excerpt:

BMc: I thought I was the one being interviewed. Aren’t you sort of inverting the whole reason we got together?

DC: Yeah, but so what? You’re pomo, you figure it out. Let’s transgress the conventions of interviewing. Or do you believe in some ‘Form of the Interview’ that we must conform to?

BMc: It just seems odd…and perhaps that you lured me here under false pretenses if you’re going to not ask me questions.

DC: I was asking you questions and you interrupted me as I was building up to my big question about your contradiction. You interrupted and said you didn’t want me painting you in a corner and then asked me why I wanted to engage in this sort of silliness. So I’m answering. Now you’re bitching that I’m answering.

BMc: It was rhetorical.

DC: So you don’t really want to engage in a real conversation.

Fantastic! Poking fun at the Postmodernist Christian movement (er, conversation).
See part I too.

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