Loving Discipline

Good post from Lee on loving discipline. He draws a parallel, an apt one I think, between a refusal to discipline at home and in churches:

This principle does not stop with parenting sadly enough. It infests our church. I have a friend, who is a believer, but attends a conservative Presbyterian Church of the United States (PCUSA) church in Colorado Springs. Try as I might I cannot convince him his church is wrong, and that the denominations refusal to discipline the hundred or so pastors who actively support homosexuality as right is an abomination. He stubbornly holds to the idea that all should remain as it is, and it is better not to stir the pot too much. Somewhere the PCUSA lost the idea of loving discipline and now it treads water until it becomes the Anglican church with active gay men as ministers.

Question: Is it worse to be an active gay man or a passive gay man?

3 thoughts on “Loving Discipline

  1. I think it is funny that this is the same road the CRC went down about 6 years ago.

    And to your question:

    It is the same as the biblical differnce between lust and adultery. Both are wrong one is just the outworking of where the heart is.

  2. Some say that if you think it, you might as well do it. But Scripture differs. James says that lust conceives and brings forth sin, which, when finished, brings forth death.

    Worse to do it; but the condition is also an offense before God.

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