Facebook harassment

My little church’s Facebook page has somehow gotten the attention of a harasser.  My wife Andrea interacted with a family member about a political disagreement, and shortly after that, she began to receive “likes” from a group with a very vulgar and deliberately offensive name.  After that the church page began getting likes from the same page.  This is a page run by someone with a pathological level of hatred for Christianity.  As individuals we can block them.  Or if they left harassing comments I could delete them.  But there is no way for one page to prevent another page from liking their posts, guaranteeing that visitors to the church’s page will see these extremely vulgar and offensive messages.  I’ve reported the page to Facebook for harassment, but some research has indicated that these pages have been reported before by others and nothing has changed.

Oh well.  I think we as Christians are just going to have to get used to seeing more of this sort of thing.  It just reveals the character of the person doing it.  The only real problem is that we as Christians will have to see some bad words, and I suppose we can’t allow ourselves to be chased from the public square by some bad words.

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