The truth of the Bible

If the Bible is true in what it says about itself, then it was written by the Creator, by the One who made you and me.  If that is so, then the Scriptures will match the very shape of your soul.  They will fit inside you like a key fits a lock.  You don’t need any external proof that a key is the right one for the lock- you know it’s right because it fits, it turns, it opens the door.

The Bible doesn’t need to be proved to be true.  People will see it or they won’t.  The evidences and arguments are fine; they serve their purpose.  But they’ll never by themselves get a man into the kingdom.  If God has prepared the man to hear the word, then he’ll hear.  If the man doesn’t hear, it’s like trying to convince a man standing outside on a sunny day that the sky is blue.

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