Transgenderism, Progressivism, and God’s Law

Bruce Jenner is not a woman.  He is a man.  Every single chromosome* in his body records this fact.  He can mutilate and poison himself all he likes, but he will remain a man.  A badly damaged man, perhaps, but still a man.  He can no more make himself a woman than I can make myself a giraffe.

Progressivism is basically rebellion against what is.  Progressives try to rewrite human nature and human behavior to suit their preferences- not just in sexual matters but in all areas of life.  When they inevitably fail, they do not reflect, do not consider that they were wrong, because the disease is not an intellectual one but a moral one.  Instead they double down and seek to crush any dissenters from their utopian lie, believing those dissenters to be the cause of their failure.  So now we are going to be told to believe that while homosexuality is genetic and unalterable, gender is not genetic, but purely a matter of individual choice that a person can decide for themselves, completely contrary to their actual genetics.  Perhaps we will be told that there is an elusive “transgender” gene that overpowers the force of that “y” chromosome on every cell of the body.

Progressivism is organized rebellion against the law and rule of God.  It is the systematic violation of the Ten Commandments.  It is the rejection of the reality of the curse on man, and the attempts to overcome the effects of that curse by throwing off the law of God.  It never works and will never work, because God is God, and His curse on mankind will stand, until man submits to Jesus Christ the Messiah and the remedy to the curse which He provides.

Promiscuous sex will always lead to horrible results.  They can try to cure all the STDs, have expensive government programs to provide for the broken families, kill the unwanted babies, train the kids in “safe sex”, educate or force us to be approving of all the sad broken results of this madness like Bruce Jenner, pretend there is nothing weird at all about a 65 year old man calling himself Caitlyn and posing in a women’s magazine in a slinky dress,  and provide psychotherapy to try to fix all the scarred and shattered souls.  Finally they will set out to destroy anyone that continues to speak out against perversion and promiscuity, believing that our lack of full-throated approval for their evil is what causes all the associated ills.  They think it’s our condemnation of their actions that causes those actions to have bad consequences.  But breaking God’s Law, which defines reality itself, will always lead to horrible results, and no program of man can ever do more than put a bandaid on the gunshot wound.  Every single person in the world could fully support and celebrate a 65-year-old man making himself a eunuch and God would still be God and the results will still be horrible.  The bill will always come due in time.  Math always wins, the arithmetic of God’s law doubly so.

The wages of sin is death, the Scriptures tell us.  This is the reality of God’s economy, and no progressive attempts at redistribution will ever overcome God’s justice.

*This should say “every cell in his body”.  I apologize for the error.

6 thoughts on “Transgenderism, Progressivism, and God’s Law

  1. M says:

    Your post contains no references—paraphrases, yes, but no actual references—which makes the entire post an argument by assertion and logically invalid. (Argument by assertion is also a brainwashing technique, for that matter, so it’s something to exercise caution with, regardless of its lack of logical validity.)

    And then you speak as if:
    1. X & Y are the only two chromosomes people have. We have 46 (23 pairs), and X & Y are only 2 of them (1 of the 23 pairs).
    2. Having a Y chromosome automatically makes a person physiologically male. That’s not true. XY females exist. (The simple explanation is that the SRY gene on the Y chromosome doesn’t always work—which is something you can learn from an Intro to Genetics class.) And then there are people who have have some cells with XX and some with XY.

    In other words, you have no actual references (to Scripture or anything else—like a reference or three with progressives demonstrating they are what they say they are), and you include outright false information (that could have been easily adjusted to true by avoiding the cherry-picking fallacy).

    That means you’ve provided an example proving the progressive attitude that conservatives can’t support their own points with anything more than tradition and fallacious arguments, not supporting your argument on the page.

    If you intended to sabotage your own point, well done, but if not, you may want to revise this post. There are so many ways you could’ve written this without the self-sabotage.

    (I intend no offense by this comment. My day job’s as an editor, and I specialize in making sure what’s on the page is what folks intended to say.)

    May you have a most excellent weekend!

    1. M says:

      My apologies for the typo, but “like a reference or three with progressives demonstrating they are what they say they are” should be “like a reference or three with progressives demonstrating they are what you say they are”.

  2. Matt Powell says:

    My post is not meant to be a lesson in genetics, and I am certainly not a geneticist. I think that’s clear. I should have said, “Every single _cell_ in his body records that fact” in the first paragraph. Otherwise I am pretty sure everything I said is factually true, even if it’s not intended to take in all the borderline cases. There are certainly those cases where there are genetic malfunction, and I’m perfectly aware of those, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about a normal healthy male who just decided he wants to be a female instead, not any of those kinds of medical cases. Just because I don’t discuss every possible situation doesn’t mean I’m not aware of them.

    As for the rest of your case, well, this was a quickly written blog post, not a research paper. I know this is probably the first time you have encountered my blog. I don’t recognize your name or email (Welcome, by the way!). But I’ve been making this case for ten years on my blog and in my sermons and studies. If you want to take a look through my body of work I’m sure you’ll find a Bible verse or two. Genesis 1:27, Deut. 22:5, 1 Cor. 6:9-10, as well as the whole thrust of Scripture which teaches us to submit to the Lord’s will in our lives, including His perfect and beautiful “male-female” design.

    If you have a substantive case to make why I’m wrong, I’d love to hear it.

    1. M says:

      To repeat myself, My problem is that your post is an argument by assertion. I pointed out multiple specific aspects that made it so. That you’ve made the same point for years doesn’t change the flaws in this post specifically.

      That has nothing to do with whether or not I agree or disagree with your statements. The statement “your logical structure is faulty” ≠ “your conclusion is wrong.” Those are two completely different items.

      From your reply, you’re expecting readers to read this and then go look at the body of your posts, but as the post is written, the reader 1. has no way of knowing that you’ve written further on the topic, and 2. has no reason to believe that you’ve proven your point any better in any of your other articles.

      As things stand, your post provides the progressives (as you define them) with ammunition to fuel their claims that the non-progressives are illogical and can’t support their own arguments, and there’s nothing in the post to make such use pulling your words out of context.

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