Progressives Hate Humanity

Again, we see in the Planned Parenthood videos proof of the thesis that progressives hate humanity, and the whole program of progressivism is very simply the rejection of human nature, the rejection of nature itself.  This is because they hate God, and therefore hate what God has created.  They want to be God, and recreate nature according to their own desires.

So, a man (with a Y chromosome) can be a woman just by putting on a dress and makeup, because the ability to reproduce is not an important part of what a woman is.  Here we see their profound contempt for God’s design of gender.

Likewise, sex must be pursued without limits, because all natural consequences of promiscuity are rejected.  The progressive believes that he should decide how sex should be used, not God who made it.  So, diseases will be treated with taxpayer funds, babies that result will be killed with taxpayer funds, and anyone who disapproves of their behavior will be destroyed with taxpayer funds.  Any talk of abstinence or sexual self-control is angrily rejected.

Economic reality will be remade by passing laws.  Supply and demand will be overthrown by government management of the economy and the natural consequences of laziness and wastefulness will be counteracted by welfare.  The laws of nature will be remade through regulation and government programs.  Family will be discarded as unnecessary, churches attacked as harmful.  Nothing must impede the march of the all-powerful state, the collected power of Man, to reshape reality as they see fit, where they, the elites, enjoy no restriction on their behavior.

If you, African American, think that the progressives care about you and think so highly of you, why do they kill your babies at such a high rate?  Why do they continually tell you that you can’t succeed without their help?  Why do they continue to pursue policies that have made an absolute wreck of your communities and families?  Why are they hell-bent on importing huge amounts of cheap labor who will undercut your kids’ chances for scarce jobs?  Do you think it’s an accident that the party pursuing all these things was the same party that defended slavery, the same party that defended Jim Crow?  Do you think it’s an accident that Democratic rule has absolutely destroyed several of the formerly finest and wealthiest cities in America, like Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago?

Hispanics, why do you think the elites in this country want to import so many of you to this country?  Do you really think it’s because they have such deep and abiding love of your culture?  Why do you think they are so anxious to encourage your children to make a trip where they know full well that they will almost certainly be raped and robbed and many will even be murdered?  Does it give you any pause about these people that they are willing to do that to your children just so they can have cheap nannies and gardeners?

Poor whites, do you think that the elites care about you, with their utter contempt for “hillbillies” and “trailer trash” and Walmart?  Why do they import cheap labor to undercut your jobs?  Why do they pass minimum wage laws that make it harder for your children to find work?  Why do they support unions that systematically exclude competition from the marketplace?  Why do they pursue policies that reward laziness and poor decision making, when we know just how dignifying and elevating work is?  Why do they push more and more regulation which favors big businesses that can easily pay for the lawyers needed to navigate all the laws, while making it more and more difficult for a man to start a small business of his own?  Is it an accident that progressive policies destroy the working class everywhere they are pursued?

Women, if you think the elites care about you, why do they continue pushing abortion, despite knowing perfectly well just how much damage an abortion does to a woman?  Why do they have such contempt for you that they think a shameless pervert in a dress with fake boobs is the same as you are?  Knowing full well that most women want to stay home and have children, that most women are happiest in that environment, why have progressives told you for fifty years that you were stupid and worthless for wanting that, and pursuing policies that make it harder and harder for you to do so?  Why have they spent billions on policies encouraging you to leave your kids with strangers where they can be badly educated and alienated from you, just so you can go be a secretary or a waitress for some man who doesn’t care about you?  Is this a “pro-woman” policy?

Is the environmentalist movement really about love of nature?  If so, why do they want to prevent as many people as possible from enjoying it?  Why pursue policies that they know full well leads to massive beetle plagues and the wildfires that follow?  Why pursue policies that wreck economies and destroy people’s livelihoods over the slightest risk to some owl or mouse?  And to those in the lower classes, do you understand that these environmental policies destroy your ability to get a job, let alone have the wealth to go and enjoy the nature they say they love so much?  You can’t eat scenery, as they say.

Anti-war?  Really?  Where are the protests against Obama’s drone strikes?  These are the people who defended Mao and Stalin, who murdered by the millions.  These are the fans of Chavez and Castro, the butchers, torturers and jailers of Latin America.  These are the people with posters and t-shirts of Che Guevara who ran Castro’s torture chambers.  They’re not anti-war.  They’re just against anyone who stands in their way, and will use any rhetoric at hand to undercut their enemies.

They hate God and they hate what God has made.  They hate God’s image most of all.  All of their policies are anti-human, and lead to misery and death.  This is by design.  Their great desire is to be God, to have no restrictions on their behavior, and keeping people poor and subservient is a great way to do this.  This video shows it clearly.  The patients get nothing.  They pay for the privilege of having the fruit of their bodies ripped from them, dismembered and sold to labs.  They don’t care about those poor women.  They care only about their own wealth, their own lifestyle, their own privileges.

The poor and weak that the progressives claim to champion are just being exploited, just being used, to further the agenda of the progressives.  The progressive movement was born out of racism and contempt for anyone not like them, and it is still that today, though they claim to care so much.  Blacks, Hispanics, gays, women- you exist to serve the elites.  They don’t care about you.  They care about themselves.  They’re the scumbag in the bar telling you how beautiful you and buying you drinks so they can get you home and use you for their pleasure.  It was progressives who threw Japanese in internment camps, progressives who lynched blacks, progressives who advocated the sterilization of the unfit, progressives who formed the KKK, progressives who make it impossible today for poor people to make an honest living, progressives who fight every way they can to ensure as many babies as possible are born into single-parent homes where they’ll be all but guaranteed a life of poverty.  It’s progressives who are doing everything they can to keep a steady flood of illegal immigrants pouring into this country so they can be exploited and oppressed by the rich, and so the poor people in this country who might have  a better sense of their rights can never get the boot off their necks.  This is what progressives are, what they always have been, what they always will be.  They’re elitists, who view the world as existing for their own benefit and pleasure, and they don’t care who they hurt or kill to do it.  They hate humanity, because they hate God, and they hate what God has made, and the humanity which most clearly bears his image is that which they hate the most.

“He that hates Me loves death.”


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