Progressivism’s totalitarian nature reveals itself again

A clerk in Kentucky has been ordered to jail for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses.  I am really touched by the leftists’ newfound respect for always obeying the law no matter what.

This shows well what I’ve been talking about, that the government will inevitably operate according to a worldview.  And the more statist the worldview, the more totalitarian it will inevitably become.

Perhaps she should have just resigned.  I’m a little torn on that part of the question.  One thing that has stood out to me is the hatred, the personal vitriol, directed toward this woman.  The left has gleefully dug into her admittedly sordid past and called her every kind of vicious name- ignorant, bigoted, hateful, and much worse.  They have absolutely no interest or respect for her beliefs.  Tolerance, as I have said before, was never really a core value of the left.  It was just a smokescreen they used to get in power.  Once they are in power, or think they are, the mask comes off.  I think they would happily call for this woman’s literal stoning if the authorities put it on the table, so thoroughly have they already dehumanized her.

Nobody is being meaningfully hurt by this woman’s decision.  They can get their make-believe marriage licenses from any number of other places.  This is about compliance.  This federal decision was already so far out of the bounds of the constitution, such an egregious overstepping of federal power, do you really think they will stop at people’s rights to privately believe what they want?  Four of these justices have already voted, repeatedly, to strip the citizens of their right to bear arms, their right to free speech, their right to freely practice religion.  The Constitution is now whatever the Supreme Court on any given day says it is.  This is the rule we are under.

But Christian people have always had the victory in the long run, and they do not gain that victory through the political process, through military means, or the like.  God may and does use these things to bring about the change He desires.  But our focus should always be living lives of honesty, integrity and love.  The best thing we can do to transform this culture is to raise our kids faithfully, love our spouses, support our churches, and love our neighbors.  We ought to speak to public policy when God gives us the means to do so, but far more important is faithfulness to all the duties God puts in our lives, to be disciples of Christ in the light of His Gospel in a million ways that will never be in any newspaper.  That’s what changes the culture, what spreads the kingdom.

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