Truth or Power

All of a sudden, the law is supreme.  All of a sudden, everyone must obey the law above all else.  All of a sudden, people firmly in favor of the civil disobedience of the 60’s, people who were firmly in favor of Occupy Wall Street and all its lawbreaking, people firmly in favor of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, are all about the vital importance of keeping the law when one little county clerk in Kentucky has a scruple.

Or is it just about power?  Is it just about the fact that now that the law favors you, all of a sudden it’s supreme?

The modern statist knows only power.  They are the intellectual descendants of Nietzche, he who was beyond good and evil.  At least he admitted it.  But then he himself said that no assertion in all of human thought was more unfounded than that truth was to be preferred to lies.  Whatever gets the job done, whatever gets you power to get what you want.  So when you’re not in power, then it’s all about higher principles, civil disobedience, etc.  When you’re in power, all of a sudden law and order becomes super important.

Of course the chain of dependence goes back much further than Nietzche.  One might cite a certain Roman governor saying to an innocent man, “What is truth?” just before having him crucified to preserve his power.

Or one might go back to the father of lies himself, who led man into a lie, in order to enslave him.  His descendants have learned the lesson well, continuing to lie in order to enslave.

The truth will set you free.

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