Is the Gospel Enough for All Sin?

Continuing on the same subject as the last post– here is Jeff Crippen saying that abusers never get saved:

To many people, this fact seems disturbing. I mean, can’t Christ change anyone? Aren’t we as Christians supposed to “have faith” in the Lord’s ability to give anyone a new heart and do whatever we can to lead such people to salvation in Christ? Christ gives a new heart to anyone who calls upon Him in real faith and repentance. But abusers don’t do so. For all their common claims that they have changed, that they have really repented, for all the crocodile tears they shed, they do not humbly come to Christ in genuine faith, exercising real repentance. Crush them, winnow them, sift them all you like, their folly is not going to depart from them.

That must have been disturbing news to David and Saul of Tarsus.

I see this author being quoted and recommended a lot in Reformed circles, by people who understand the gospel.  This is hard for me to understand.


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