How Can Feminism Achieve Its Goals?

Men are physically stronger and more aggressive than women, and that is never not going to matter.

Feminists have often wanted to promote better treatment for women, and rightly so.  Abusive treatment toward women has not been exactly rare.  It has been normalized in most cultures.  Christianity teaches the absolute equal dignity and worth of women, and in all societies where Christianity became influential, treatment of women improved.  But this better treatment has to come from an internal, sincerely believed ideology that changes the behavior of men, because of my first point.  Only if men believe that women are deserving of better treatment will women actually be treated better.  It is civilization and the rule of law that protects women from the evil treatment of men, and civilization and the rule of law is supported by men.  Specifically, men with guns.

But many, perhaps most, feminists today are anti-Christian, it remains to be seen how it is that they can achieve their aims.  By tearing down Christianity, they tear down the thing that has promoted better treatment for women.  This cannot be replaced with external force, because the ones exercising the force will be men, men with guns.  If those men do not believe that women are deserving of good treatment, then they will not treat them well, and there is no other external force to make them.

At the same time that many modern feminists are tearing down Christianity, they are also attacking men as dumb and wicked.  So what is their perceived end goal?  If they succeed in removing the internal constraints from men (by eliminating Christianity as a driving force from our culture) and at the same time demonize men, what do they believe is going to restrain men’s behavior, when men are the ones with all the physical force at their disposal?  Do women think they will be able to do a better job of restraining men than all the other women in history?  Do modern feminists believe that women in Saudi Arabia or ancient Rome or India like being treated badly, or just that they are so much smarter than those women that they will be able to succeed in restraining the men of their culture?

Or do the feminists of today believe they can articulate an ideology about why women should be treated equally, one which will be at least as compelling as Christianity has been?  And what would that ideology be?  It has to work to convince men internally that they should treat women well.  The default is clearly that people are selfish.  The default has been that men treat women badly.  So how do you overcome that?

The modern feminist ideology seems to rely heavily on demonizing men.  So again, given that men will always be physically stronger and more aggressive than women, how does demonizing men and at the same time attacking the ideology that restrains men lead to better treatment for women?

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